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Whether you are new to the spiritual discipline of journaling, are restarting, or have filled dozens of journals, this book is for you if you desire to cultivate a daily awareness of Jesus’ loving, personal, and active presence in your life.

Journaling introduces you to a lifestyle of contemplative reflection through Biblical, anecdotal, and practical teaching. Through journaling, believers in Jesus deepen communion with Him, discover contentment in life, and develop confidence in decision-making. Journaling might just be the catalyst for a significant spiritual breakthrough in your life!

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Journaling: Catalyzing Spiritual Growth Through Reflection

What Others Are Saying

“If you’re interested in cultivating the spiritual discipline of noticing God, and journaling has been one such practice you’ve long considered important to introduce or improve within your spiritual journey, then the book you are holding in your hand is the gift you’ve long desired. Adam Feldman writes with a refreshing wit and a pastors heart, with lots of practical helps for making journaling a highlight of your pilgrimage into a deeper walk with Jesus.”

Stephen A. Macchia, Founder and President of Leadership Transformations, Inc., Director of the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and author of several books including Becoming A Healthy Church and Crafting A Rule of Life

“I’m more excited about this book than I have been any book in a long time. Nothing has impacted my life like journaling. When I tell people they think it’s a diary or they aren’t writers–both have little to do with real journaling. Journaling is a spiritual discipline, I’ve defined it as ‘a catalogue of reflections and a remembrance of events of what God is saying to you and doing.’ I know of no better book than this. Stop thinking about being a writer or writing a diary–instead view it as listening and recording what God is saying to you. Thanks for writing this Adam, this is a HUGE overlooked need for serious followers of Jesus today. Northwood Church will definitely make this available to it’s body.”

Bob Roberts, Jr., Sr. Pastor of Northwood Church and author of Bold as Love

“The ‘big questions’ of any grand endeavor are questions like: why, what, how, when, who, where, and way… Adam Feldman takes on all of them in making a comprehensive and confessional case for journaling in an exceptionally compact format. The teaching material is filled with personal stories for lessons learned and places for improvement. You’ll find everything from theological reflection to Scriptural exposition and ideas so practical as ‘Step 1: Buy a journal!’”

Randy Millwood, Team Strategist for Church Wellness of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware and author of To Love and To Cherish

“Adam Feldman matches his passion for the benefits of journaling with flexibility and practicality in laying out a variety of approaches. Whether you are an experienced journaler, a tentative first-timer, or even someone who has ‘written off’ this practice as not for you, you will find Adam a helpful guide. As a church historian, I especially appreciated his reference to great journalers of the past, such as Augustine, Dorothy Day, and my personal favorite, Lancelot Andrewes.”

David A. Currie, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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7 Responses to Journaling

  1. Jess Sorrell says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Journaling. I’ve been out of the habit of journaling for many years now, and this was a practical and encouraging book on why its worth trying to rekindle the habit again. I feel more equipped than ever to pick it up again, and now with a clearer goal in mind. Thanks, Adam.

    • Adam Feldman says:

      Glad the book encouraged you to “rekindle the habit” of journaling and equipped you for your new journey into journaling. Thank you for your encouraging words. Blessings!

  2. Cindy Price says:

    I have tried journaling several times and failed. After reading chapter 4, I tried again and something clicked. By the time I finished the book, my journaling felt comfortable, reflective, and conversational. I now look forward to my quiet journaling time – something new for me! Thanks, Adam

    • Adam Feldman says:

      Wow! So great to hear how the book encouraged you to “try” journaling again. Glad to hear that your journaling “clicked” and that you look forward to it! What a blessing.

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  4. Hugh Keith says:

    I just got done reading your book, God really used you in a mighty way in my life. God had already been leading me to begin this Spiritual Discipline a few months ago, but then as your book talks about I began to neglect it. But by God’s grace I ame across your book and it’s really encouraged me. What really was confirmation from God is when I read how you started a church in Ellicott City, I happen to live just a couple miles from your church. What a small World! I have had a Home church for some years now, but after reading your book I’d like to stop in sometime and fellowship together. God bless you, and don’t ever “grow weary in well doing.” You have a Word in season.

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