Late last year I asked several friends of mine who serve in pastoral ministry to recommend 2 books for me to read on the topic of “preaching” this year. The pastors I consulted serve around the USA in urban, suburban, or rural contexts, are serving in either the SBC or PCA, and are of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Originally I planned to contact my friends and send them the list of recommendations along with the books that I have decided to read this year. One of the friends I consulted suggested that I share the lists with you… so here it is!

*Disclaimer: I have not read most of these books, so I will not offer any commentary in affirmation of or polemic against the theological positions or hermeneutical principles of the books. This is just a list for your edification. That said, there is one book listed below which I have read, use in training our church’s elders to preach, and generally highly recommend to preachers: Christ Centered Preaching.

Recommended books on preaching

Here is the full list of recommended books in alphabetical order by title. I have read some of these books, but am including the full list for the benefit of providing you with a full list.

*Doctrine that Dances received multiple recommendations.Keep in mind that I asked each person to limit themselves to only 2 recommendations. With such a limited option, I thought it significant that this book in particular was recommended more than once.

Additional recommendations

PC: Richie Lugo via Unsplash

In addition to the books listed above, I received recommendations for the following books through articles, podcasts, and other sources throughout last year.

Books I will endeavor to read in 2018

I know this list is a bit audacious (to say the least), but these are the books on preaching that I will endeavor to read in 2018. This list is subject to change, but if I don’t have a plan, I won’t end up reading any of these books. I would love to read through all the books listed above, so if the Lord tarries, I may have time to get through them over the coming years.

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  • If you are not a pastor or do not preach regularly, consider forwarding this post on to your pastor or preacher to encourage them.
  • Have you read any of the books listed above? Do you have a personal recommendation (or discouragement) regarding the books you have read?
  • What 1 or 2 books would you add to the list?

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